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Be careful of anti-static in dry weather in winter
The weather is relatively dry, and many of us will have a lot of discomfort during the winter. At this time, we will find that the situation of static electricity is more common, so we must pay attention to methods to prevent it in winter So what should we do, let's take a look at the methods of preventing static electricity in winter.

Choose cotton or silk for your underwear

In the winter, many of us will experience static electricity, which will affect our health. Static electricity is easy to occur in dry weather, so we should wear less chemical fiber clothes at this time. Chemical fiber clothing is prone to static electricity during friction. This is also the main source of personal static in winter, which can avoid electrostatic problems.

Increase air humidity

In winter, it is relatively dry, especially in the north where there is heating supply. The humidity in the house is generally low, which makes it difficult to release static electricity and continue to accumulate. At this time, you can choose a suitable humidifier to increase the humidity of the room, which is conducive to the release of static electricity, which can help us improve the appearance of static electricity.

Take the key to discharge

Everyone may be thinking that when they are in contact with metal conductors, they may be electrically charged, but such discomfort does not occur when using a key to open a large iron door. This is because the contact area between the person and the conductor becomes larger when contacted by the key, so that the influence of static electricity on us can be avoided. So we can use a key to touch a conductor similar to a large iron door and discharge static electricity from our body. Be careful not to touch live objects, and be careful of electric shock.

Above we have introduced the methods of preventing static electricity in winter. It can be found that many people now have static electricity problems, which makes us more troublesome in winter, so we must pay attention to methods to improve it. Recommended above A few tricks are good choices, which can help us prevent electrostatic problems.


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