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Can Spirulina, a traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss, lose weight?
Spirulina to lose weight

1. For people who are mildly obese: eat 3 grams of spirulina powder or 2 spirulina tablets 1 hour before meals every day, take 3 times a day, while controlling diet and maintaining proper amount of aerobic exercise. Generally, the weight can be reduced by 5-10 kg in one month.

2, moderate obesity: eat 5 grams of spirulina powder or 3 spirulina tablets half an hour before meals, take 3 times a day, while controlling diet and persisting aerobic exercise for a long time. Generally, the body weight can be reduced by 20-30 kg in about two months and returned to the normal weight range.

Spirulina weight loss Chinese medicinal material Spirulina can lose weight?

3, severely obese: increase the number and frequency of daily spirulina, while dieting and aerobic exercise at the doctor or coach's advice, can return to normal weight within 3 months.

Spirulina's weight loss effect

Spirulina tablets themselves are a kind of nutraceuticals. Even if they can lose weight, the effect will not be obvious, and it will mainly play a role in conditioning. Nutritionists believe that an important part of the weight loss process is to change the proportion of nutrients in the diet, so that the body reaches the peak metabolic state. When weight gains, the body's fat content is generally high. Spirulina contains a large amount of GLA, which can promote the brown fat in the human body, that is, the tissue metabolism existing in the fat fat, thereby achieving the effect of eliminating fat and reducing excess body weight. At the same time, GLA can also synthesize PGE1 in prostaglandins in the human body, helping to reduce cholesterol in the blood.


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