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Careful rhinitis problems in autumn. It is important to prevent dryness.
In the autumn, we are very suitable for health, but at this time, there will be some attention to the health care. It is necessary for everyone to be careful. So how do we carry out health care in the autumn, then we need to pay attention to prevent autumn in this time. Common diseases, then what should we do, let's take a look.


In the autumn, everyone should pay attention to it. First of all, the temperature change at this time is very large, and usually the temperature difference between day and night is very large in autumn. Such climatic characteristics lead to frequent episodes of rhinitis, especially for some allergic People, at this time we are more prone to rhinitis problems, and in the fall because it is difficult to adapt to this climate change, it is easy to suffer from rhinitis or rhinitis. If there is a frequent sneezing, headache, chest pain, stomach pain, etc., you must pay attention, because this is a typical symptom of allergic rhinitis. And at this time should pay special attention to keep warm to avoid cold, and to ensure that the diet is light, so as to stay away from allergens, this can help us solve the problem of rhinitis.


We should also pay attention to it in the autumn. At this time, we must prevent the problem of autumn dryness. In fact, the most serious injury to the human body is the lungs. The dryness is the most vulnerable to lung injury and fluid consumption, which leads us to appear. "Autumn dryness" such as dry nose, dry throat, dry dumb cough, dry stool, etc., has a great impact on everyone's lungs and gastrointestinal health. And autumn dryness is also likely to cause upper respiratory tract infections, acute bronchitis and so on. Therefore, in the autumn, you should eat more foods such as sesame, pear, alfalfa, banana, apple, white fungus, lily, persimmon, etc., in order to moisten the lungs, and we should drink more water in the fall. It is very important.

In the autumn, it is good to maintain health. At this time, we are prone to the problem of rhinitis. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the impact of autumn dryness on our health. This is easy to get sick in autumn, so we should do preventive work. In order to be healthier in the fall, it is a situation that everyone needs to pay attention to in their health. Want


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