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Don't blow dry after shampooing in winter
At the same time, it is relatively dry in winter, and the wind is relatively strong. At this time, it is easy for our hair to become dirty, so many people will often wash their hair at this time, but in the winter, There will be certain precautions, so specifically how we should wash our hair, let's look at how to wash our hair in winter.

In the winter, it is very important to pay attention to the frequency of shampooing, but in general we should depend on the local environment and personal living habits. It is usually washed once every 3 days in autumn and winter. Washing hair every day is very detrimental to the maintenance of hair quality. We need to be clear about this. And when shampooing, we must pay attention to avoid being affected by the cold, especially during the physiological period of women, the constitution is weak, at this time we are susceptible to cold attack, so we must pay attention to avoid the cold attack at this time. It is best to wash in the morning or noon. Because the morning yang qi rises, the yang qi is the strongest at noon, and the harmfulness of wind, cold and humid air in the external environment will be relatively weakened.

Many beauties are worried about the chance of hair blowing to hurt the hair, but also worry about the headaches caused by drying the hair naturally in winter. So in winter, it is often troublesome to wash your hair, but in fact we choose in winter Blowing hair is okay, as long as we pay attention to blowing hair, it will not cause damage to the hair. So under normal circumstances, use a hair dryer to blow the hair to 80% dry and then dry naturally. The temperature of the hair dryer must not be too high, nor can it be blown for a long time, otherwise the moisture in the hair will be blown off, and the hair will dry up and split up after a long time.

In the winter, we must wash our hair carefully. We must be careful to be attacked by the cold. At this time, it is relatively cold and it may easily cause us to be injured. Therefore, we must be careful of the cold invasion at this time, and pay attention when blowing our hair. In general, it can be done by blowing eight minutes to dry, so as not to damage the hair and avoid being affected by the cold.


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