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Eat more tomatoes in summer, tea with honey
In the summer, we can eat more food. If you can eat healthy at this time, then it will naturally help the health of summer, but you should choose a reasonable diet at this time. If we can't eat healthy, we can't eat healthy. So, it is not good for summer health and health, so how to eat in the summer, let's take a look.

Eat more tomatoes to protect against UV damage

The most recommended vegetable in summer is tomato. Because it is rich in lycopene in tomato, it helps to match prostate cancer, and more detailed surveys show that it has the same health benefits for women. Lycopene can be used to fight breast cancer and is a powerful antioxidant. This is good for preventing diseases. It can help women to get heart disease. The latest research shows that lycopene can also be used as a UV light for the sun. Injury makes you look younger, so in the summer we should always eat tomatoes for health.

Tea and honey to relieve the heat

At the same time, we can go to drink more tea in the summer, sweating through tea, especially a cup of hot tea to make the body emit 50 times the calories of tea. In addition, tea contains sugar, pectin, amino acids and other ingredients, which can be combined with saliva to relieve heat. In addition, honey is a food with high nutritional value. In addition to glucose and fructose, it also contains a variety of vitamins, as well as trace minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. These nutrients are good for human health. With honey, it can promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite, calm sleep, and improve the body's resistance. Honey almost contains all the nutrients in vegetables. If you add some honey in the summer, it is better to add some honey, so don't miss it.

Summer diet choices are very important. The recommended foods are good. First of all, we should eat more tomatoes in the summer, which will help us health. At the same time, we should drink more tea in the summer, especially in tea. It can be paired with honey, so the heat relief effect will be better, don't miss it.


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