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Elderly people are suitable to go out in winter to prevent disease
Elderly people must be careful about the emergence of diseases in the winter. Although it is said that they can go out in winter, it is helpful for the physical and mental health of the elderly to go out, but some diseases will also appear when they go out. It will affect our health, so how to prevent diseases in winter, let ’s take a look together.

Acute gastroenteritis. Gastrointestinal problems are actually the most prone to problems in winter. Especially when going out, the elderly are more prone to gastrointestinal problems. At this time, due to unclean food or drinking water during the trip, it is easy to cause various acute Bowel disease. If symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and severe abdominal pain occur, companions should immediately send the patient to a nearby hospital for treatment, and disinfect the vomiting and diarrhea according to epidemic prevention requirements to prevent spread. And we should pay attention to preparing drugs when going out, this is very important.

syncope. When we go out and play, because we walk a lot, the physical fitness of the elderly is relatively low at this time, it is easy to appear tired at this time, often manifested as sudden fainting, unconscious, pale, sweating. Do not move at this time, you should first observe whether his heartbeat and breathing are abnormal. If you find that your heartbeat and breathing are normal, tap the patient and call loudly to wake them up. If there is no response, it indicates that the situation is more complicated and should be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Such diseases have a particularly large impact on our health, so we must solve them in time.

Biliary colic. If you consume too much high-fat and high-protein diet during the trip, it is easy to induce acute biliary colic disease. When we go out, we often do n’t want to miss the food everywhere. At this time, we will inevitably consume too much fat And protein, so biliary colic is prone to discomfort. Therefore, we should first let the patient lie on the bed when the onset, and quickly apply hot water to the patient's right upper abdomen to apply heat. You can also use the thumb or index finger to stimulate the Zusanli acupoint to relieve pain, which can relieve the discomfort of biliary colic.

The elderly will inevitably experience some physical discomfort when going out, especially the emergence of diseases. These diseases introduced above are prone to occur in winter. We must treat them carefully. If we can be very good Prevention, then naturally you can avoid more discomfort during the winter.


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