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Falling in the first place in the fall, teach you how to avoid it.
In the autumn, many people will get angry. This kind of problem is very annoying, and it will cause various discomforts in the body, which is a great threat to our health. Therefore, at this time we should Pay attention to the method of reducing fire, then how to do it in the specific autumn is better, take a look at the good way to reduce fire.

Flat and clear, not warm and dry diet

In the autumn, we should carry out health care. At this time, we must pay attention to the work of reducing fire. At this time, we should choose to supplement and supplement the diet. Do not eat warm and dry food. This kind of food will help. Liver fire, at the same time, you can not choose cold, greasy, sticky products, so as to avoid spleen and stomach yang. In the autumn, the air is dry, and dry and easy to consume the body fluid. At this time, it is necessary to add more water. It is best to drink a small amount of water for a few times. It is good for our health in autumn, and it can also be effectively supplemented. For those who get angry, you can eat glutinous rice porridge, red bean porridge, lotus heart porridge, lily porridge, etc. in the fall. These porridges are cool and easy to digest. In the autumn, it is not suitable for fried, fried, grilled, spicy foods. It is also necessary to avoid cold foods such as ice cream. Pregnant women should increase the intake of high-quality protein in the autumn, such as eggs, milk, lean meat, soy products, eat more fresh seasonal vegetables, eat less sweets and greasy food, and the diet should not be salty. This is very important. .

Adjust sleeping position

In autumn, there are many situations in which you need to pay attention to your health. At this time, it is easy to cause liver anger. Therefore, it is very important to adjust the method at this time. In particular, you should pay attention to the choice of sleeping position. Many people usually take a sleeping position, but when they are lying on their backs, they can easily turn to the side. Because the liver is on both sides of the human body, when lying on the side, whether it is lying on the left side or lying on the right side, it can raise the liver. It can help our liver health. At the same time, choosing a full and fluffy pillow in the fall is the best choice, so that your head and neck can get enough support without lifting your head too high. A thick pillow can hold a certain height on the shoulder while sleeping on the side. When lying on the side, the pillow should be able to support your head and neck to the same level as the spine, so it is especially important to ensure sleep at this time.

In the autumn, many people will have problems with getting angry. This situation has a great impact on everyone's health. Therefore, it is necessary and meaningful to learn how to adjust the method. The methods described above are still very effective and can help everyone. A good firedown makes sense for us to solve the physical discomfort in the fall. Don't miss it.


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