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Fall tonic
Autumn is a dry season, so there will be physical discomfort at this time, especially the problem of water shortage, so we should pay attention to the method adjustment in the autumn, this is very healthy in autumn. Important, then how to prevent it at this time is better, look at it to see how the specific autumn is good.

In the autumn, we should pay attention to diet. If you can eat well, then it will help us in the autumn health. Therefore, everyone can often eat blood and nourishing food, especially such as spinach, black beans, carrots, day lily, lotus root. Black fungus, chicken, pork, lamb, sea cucumber and other foods are good choices. At the same time, everyone has to eat more fruits. We can choose to eat mulberries, grapes, red dates, longan and so on. At the same time, it can also be combined with traditional Chinese medicine for medicine supplement. The commonly used Chinese medicine for blood supplementation includes Angelica, Saffron, Rehmannia, Chuanxiong, Baiji and Ejiao. Use these Chinese medicine and blood food together to make a delicious medicinal diet, such as Angelica ginger mutton soup, Ejiao stewed yellow wine, Siwu chicken soup, etc., have a good nourishing effect, which is good for our nourishment, can promote our autumn health.

The autumn climate has begun to get cold, so this time we should pay attention to eat more hot food to help the cold. Especially for people who are afraid of cold, they have to eat more in the fall. More recommended foods include: mutton, beef, dog meat, chicken, clams, garlic, pepper, ginger, coriander, onions, longan, chestnuts and other warm foods, help to protect the cold, help us to relieve physical discomfort. And you can also eat more foods containing more iodine, such as kelp, jellyfish, sea fish, shrimp, etc., are all helpful for our autumn health.

In the autumn, we need to pay attention to diet. The foods mentioned above are very good. In the autumn, we can supplement by diet. This is good for our autumn health. Don’t miss the food introduced in the autumn. If we can insist on eating, it is naturally good for autumn health.


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