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How to keep warm in winter
Keeping warm and cold is a key item of health care in winter. Because in the cold winter, if we do not pay attention to the work of keeping warm and cold, then it is easy to cause many diseases and seriously endanger our human health. Of course, in our daily life, The Korean version of the cold winter rice is also very clever, so how much do you know about the winter warmth? Let's take a look below.

When it comes to winter, our skin is very dry, so drinking more water at this time can promote the health of the skin. In addition, drinking more hot water in winter can also help us effectively keep warm and dry Hydrate your body in the winter to avoid causing constipation and other symptoms. In addition, we insist that soaking our feet before going to bed is also a very good way to prevent cold and keep warm. Many people ca n’t fall asleep because their feet are cold. Soaking a bucket of feet before going to bed on winter nights can not only promote blood circulation, but also make your feet return quickly It can also promote sleep quality.

Do more exercise, such as jogging, tai chi, dancing, etc. In the cold winter, many MMs don't want to move. Not only does it make them colder, but also accumulates fat to make people fat, so doing more exercise can not only maintain your figure, but also enable the body's various functions to move. To warm your body. In addition, we all need to know that in the cold winter, it is also very important to keep warm and prevent cold through diet. Regular consumption of warm foods such as ginger and wolfberry is also very good for helping us keep warm. Knowing that ginger can protect against cold and cold, you can put appropriate ginger when cooking in cold winter, such as chicken soup, fish soup and so on.

I believe that through the introductions above, we also have a certain understanding of some cold protection and warmth tips in winter. We can know that in the cold winter, often drink some hot water or stick to feet with hot water every night Both can help us effectively protect against cold and warmth. In addition, we don't need to pay attention to doing more exercise, which can effectively enhance the body's cold resistance.


How to keep warm in winter
If you want to keep us healthy in winter, then you must pay attention to keeping warm at this time. This is the basis for our health in winter. At this time, many people will be afraid of cold. Then we are in winter What should be done at the time, let's take a look at how to keep warm in winter.

exercise more

In winter, we recommend that you get up early in the morning to do exercise, and brisk walking is the best choice at this time. At the same time, jogging, brisk walking, rope skipping, disco jumping, and Taijiquan are all good choices. These sports will activate all parts of the body and promote blood circulation. But do n’t exercise too much, high-intensity exercise, sweating a lot, then it is easy to cause us to be attacked by the cold, which has the opposite effect, we need to be careful to avoid it. At this time, it is better to exercise faster than walking and slower than running.

Keep your feet warm

We want to keep warm in the winter, so another way to choose is to soak the feet, which is also the most effective method. Add about 40 degrees of hot water to the deeper basin to allow the water to flow over the ankles. After soaking for about 20 minutes, you will feel fever all over your body, which means that your body will start to warm up after the blood circulation is smooth. If you rub your feet while soaking your feet, the effect will be better. It can help us to protect the health of our feet and promote blood circulation in our feet. Also, we must choose the right socks. Cotton socks are not only soft and comfortable, but also Can absorb foot sweat, keep your feet dry and comfortable all day, and can resist the cold outside.

To make a person healthy in winter, one of the things we need to do is to keep warm and cold, which is the key to health in winter. First of all, we can do more sports at this time, which can help us get rid of the effects of cold. We also need to keep our feet warm, which is also a very critical way to protect ourselves from the cold.


How to keep warm in winter
In the cold winter, people are afraid of the cold, which is actually a normal situation, but many people put on enough clothing in time at this time, but the cold fear still occurs, so we must pay attention to the method in peacetime Keep warm, so what should be done better, let's see what foods can keep warm in winter.

High-calorie food

In winter, the human body consumes very quickly in order to supply energy to keep the body warm. Therefore, at this time, we need to add enough calories, so we should eat some high-calorie foods in the winter diet so that we can Help us meet our body's consumption and heating needs. At the same time, we must eat more carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the diet. These substances can improve the body's cold resistance. Therefore, eating more meat foods in winter is a good choice. In particular, you can eat more chicken, duck, eggs, fish, milk, beans and so on.

Vitamin-containing food

At the same time, in the cold winter, as our body's oxidative function is enhanced at this time, and the vitamin metabolism in the body will also change, it is necessary to pay attention to vitamin supplements in the diet. Supplementing enough vitamins can better give the human body Supplements nutrition and helps to protect against cold. And because of the frequent occurrence of cheilitis, cheilitis, and glossitis in winter, pay attention to vitamin B2 supplementation. Some animal livers, eggs, milk, and legumes contain a lot of vitamin B2, which can be eaten more. In addition, vitamin A and vitamin C also have the effect of preventing cold. In winter, you also need to eat more vegetables and fruits, which can be a good vitamin supplement.

If you want to solve the problem of being afraid of cold in winter, then you should eat more high-calorie foods at this time, which can help our body replenish enough calories and play a role in protecting against the cold. At the same time, it must not be less for vitamin-rich foods. Vitamins It is a necessary nutrient for the human body and also helps to protect against cold. Don't miss it.


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