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I need sunscreen in summer.
Now that we have arrived in the summer, the temperature is relatively high in the summer, and the sun is also relatively sinister, so many people will pay attention to sunscreen when going out, sunscreen is a good choice. So how do we use sunscreen? Let's take a look at it.

Everyone has doubts about the order of sunscreen isolation, mainly because of the impact on sunscreen ability or makeup. If you want to achieve the best of both worlds, the editor recommends using a combination of “sunscreen + powdery makeup”, that is, after applying sunscreen, apply powder or loose powder to avoid damage to the sunscreen and affect the sunscreen effect. Does not affect the makeup, this method is better, it is the female friends need to pay attention in the summer.

If you must use isolation or foundation, you can give priority to sunscreen, and then consider the problem of subsequent makeup. However, the sunscreen may be damaged when the subsequent products are applied, so do not use too much force and it is best to ensure a certain time interval. This will ensure the effective use of sunscreen products and avoid muddy. Finally, it is recommended that you apply a sunscreen after isolation or foundation BB cream only choose one, do not apply too much layer, if we apply too much, although it can play a role in sunscreen, but it will also cause problems in our skin. This kind of problem will be more serious, and we need to avoid it as much as possible.

After using sunscreens, you should choose a special cleaning product to ensure that your face is completely removed. Because the sunscreen itself is oil-soluble, the long-lasting formula and waterproof formula, if it is lazy and not thoroughly cleaned, the residual sunscreen will accumulate in the pores, causing clogged pores and causing skin cramps such as acne. In addition, many people tend to ignore the sunscreen that remains in the body part. Day after day, the skin will accumulate too much old waste impurities. Dry and rough troubles are followed. It is necessary to clean thoroughly with shower gel. If we can't clean it, Then there is more harm to your health, so be careful to clean it after using it.

Above we will introduce you to the situation of summer sun protection. It can be found that although sunscreen is carried out by many people, it is not clear to many people about how to use it correctly. Therefore, we all The above-mentioned situations must be taken seriously, so that they are healthier.


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