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Micronutris: certified edible insects
In this interview, Cedric Auriol, founder of Micronutris, talked about his company.

Micronutris, founder of Cedric Auriol

Tell us your first step into the world of eating insects. How did you decide to become an entrepreneur in the food insect industry?

"After reading the FAO report (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), the first idea emerged in 2011, which stipulated insect food since 2003, especially in order to combat the economic and ecological problems of this century. I am immediately fascinated by this topic. I think eating insects is a very promising area of exploration.

Knowing that by 2050 we will be counting about 9 billion people on the planet, and that the food production we consume has a devastating impact on the environment (reducing clean water sources, greenhouse gases, lack of arable land, etc.), insects as food can bring many environmental, health and social/livelihood benefits. "


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