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Pay attention to hydration in autumn, be careful to prevent pharyngitis
Autumn can be said to be the driest time of the year. At this time, we will have a variety of discomforts due to dry weather, which has a great impact on our health, so we should pay attention to the method adjustment. Then, how do we maintain health in the specific autumn, and look at the specific conditions to pay attention to.

Anti-autumn dry, more water

We exercise in the fall. At this time, we should first pay attention to timely replenishment of water, which can help us effectively prevent the problem of rough skin, wrinkled skin and itchy skin caused by dry autumn weather, which is very beneficial for us to moisturize. And we also need to pay attention to the fact that we need to drink more water in the fall. In the autumn, we should drink more than 500 ml of water per day in other seasons to maintain the normal humidity of the lungs and respiratory tract. Indirect water can also be inhaled into our respiratory tract. We can choose to pour warm water into the cup and inhale it with the nose at the mouth of the cup. Each time for 10 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day, we can stick to the lungs. The health of the Ministry is good.

Prevention of pharyngitis, temperature and humidity should be appropriate

In normal times, we should also pay attention to the fact that the problem of dry weather is also a major cause of our pharyngitis, so it is very important to learn to ensure the freshness and humidity of indoor air in the fall. First of all, in the autumn, if the air in the living room is dry and too cold, overheating can affect the defense function of the pharyngeal mucosa, causing dysfunction, abnormal pharyngeal sensation, if it takes a long time, it will lead to chronic pharyngitis. The situation arises. So in the fall, we are most comfortable with the room temperature at around 20 °C. We often say that "warm as spring", that is, the average temperature of about 20 °C is most suitable for the human body, so that we can help us prevent pharyngitis.

In the autumn, everyone needs to pay attention to health care. First of all, at this time, we should pay attention to more hydration, drink plenty of water is very important, can avoid the impact of dry weather, and we should also be careful to prevent pharyngitis in autumn. This is also common in the fall, so don’t miss it in the fall.


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