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Pay attention to sun protection in autumn. Be careful with these situations.
Many people think that it is cool in the fall, so I don't think there is any need to worry about the impact of the sun on the skin at this time, but in fact, in the autumn, our sun protection work is more important. Mainly because the amount of clouds in the atmosphere in summer is high, so it can block the ultraviolet rays. However, in the autumn, although the weather is very clear due to the influence of the weather, the transmittance of ultraviolet rays is greatly increased. In addition, since the metabolism of human skin in autumn is slower than in summer, the process of restoring whitening is longer than that of summer because of the same sun exposure. This has a great impact on our skin health. We should be careful about this situation.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the work of sun protection in the autumn, we should continue to apply when necessary, to ensure full sun protection, which is very good for our skin health. Especially for our eyes and lips, this can be said to be a special part of the sunscreen, mainly because the skin around the eyes is very thin, so in the fall we should choose the eye with moisturizing and repairing effect. Sunscreen is good, it is related to our autumn health. In addition, wearing sunglasses is also a good way to protect your eyes from sun protection. The skin of the lips is softer and softer, and it is easy to lose luster and produce dead skin under strong ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, try to use a lip balm with sunscreen effect to protect it. In the fall we must pay attention to the work of sun protection.

In the autumn, many people will have skin problems due to the weather. This situation has a great impact on our health. Therefore, we should have some understanding of the health methods in the autumn, especially the work of sun protection. We should know something about it in order to be healthier in the fall.


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