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Prepare medicines in the summer to help prevent heatstroke
In the summer, we should pay more attention to health care. First of all, everyone should learn the method of heatstroke prevention in the summer. In the summer, everyone will easily affect the health because of the high temperature, especially in the case of heat and heat. In the summer, everyone should prepare drugs to prevent heatstroke, so which drugs are better for the summer, let's take a look.


In the summer, we should pay attention to health care. If you have been exposed to the sun in the summer for a long time, there are symptoms of heatstroke such as dizziness, headache, and dizziness. In addition to leaving the high temperature environment as soon as possible, and moving to a cool and ventilated place, At this time, we not only need to replenish water, but also try to take Rendan. Replenishing water is very important in high temperature days, Rendan has the function of clearing heat and sputum, and cumin and other ingredients can alleviate the loss of appetite and nausea and vomiting caused by heat stroke. It can be taken or served with warm water, 10 to 20 capsules each time, which is very good for our prevention of heat stroke. At the same time, everyone should pay attention when taking Rendan, because it contains sandalwood, cinnabar and other ingredients, therefore, children, pregnant women, old and physical and coronary heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases should be used under the guidance of a doctor, so for us Summer health is good.

Cool oil

At the same time, in the summer, you can also try to use cool oil, which is good for heatstroke, refreshing, anti-inflammatory, swelling, pain relief, which is very good for our prevention of heat stroke. Can also be used for sultry discomfort, heat stroke, colds, headaches, dizziness, mosquito bites, itchy skin and so on. In addition, the cool oil is a topical medicine, it is forbidden to take oral administration. Everyone must understand the usage of the cool oil. Apply it to the temple of the forehead, around the temple or around the nostrils. Insect bites and burns are applied to the local injury. Skin lesions should not be used for ulceration. After application, local skin redness or small red rash, or itching should not continue to be used, or it is not suitable for those who have had a history of allergies. These people should be suitable for cooling oil. avoided.

In the summer, the first thing we should pay attention to in our health care is to prevent heatstroke. The Chinese herbal medicines recommended above are very good. We choose to use these Chinese herbal medicines to prevent heatstroke. This can be good for everyone's health. While we prevent heat stroke, it is also very beneficial for our summer health.


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