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Preventing diseases in summer, common problems should be prevented
In summer, it is not only very hot, but also the highest time of the disease in the summer. At this time, many people are prone to various diseases, and the impact on our health is also very large. So what are the diseases that everyone wants to prevent during the summer? Let's take a look at it.

Hand, foot and mouth

In the summer, the first disease that is easy to suffer is the disease of hand, foot and mouth. First of all, hand, foot and mouth disease occurs mostly in children under 5 years old. The symptoms are fever, rash or herpes on the hands, feet, mouth and buttocks. A small number of children may develop pneumonia, encephalitis, myocarditis, etc., and even lead to death. It has a great impact on your baby's health. And in addition to being transmitted through the digestive tract, patients can talk, sneeze, cough, etc. can spread the disease. In addition, the use of shared toys, tableware, and close contact in collective life may cause disease transmission. Therefore, during the high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease, parents should try to reduce the number of places where children are taken to densely populated public places. In general, they must pay attention to washing their hands. For children's clothes, they should be dry and dry, and should also pay attention to indoor air circulation. The baby's bottle should be washed and disinfected before and after use; do not drink raw water, do not eat cold food. If there is a case of hand, foot and mouth, the toy items used by the child should be cleaned and disinfected to prevent infection of others, which is good for preventing diseases in summer.

Hot stroke

In the summer, we will also find that the stroke patients will increase dramatically at this time. Stroke is a common cerebrovascular disease in middle-aged and elderly people. The two peak periods of stroke are one of the severe winters below zero and one is 30 degrees. The above summer, so we should pay attention to prevention in the summer. First of all, the temperature is high in the summer, and the human body will also sweat a lot of water and lose water. If it is not replenished in time, it will easily cause dehydration. At this time, it will naturally reduce blood volume, blood viscosity, slow blood circulation, and tiny blood clots. It is easy to form, and the probability of a stroke is naturally increased for elderly people with high blood pressure, high blood fat, or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, the elderly must replenish water in time in the summer, drink plenty of water when not thirsty, and properly add salt. In the summer, be sure to add enough water.

In summer, you should pay attention to disease prevention. In the summer, everyone is prone to various diseases. The impact on our health is relatively large. If you can do preventive work, it is naturally good for summer health. First, children should It is also important to be aware of the development of hand, foot and mouth disease and to learn to prevent heat stroke during the summer.




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