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Side effects of spirulina? Is there a dizziness?
Side effects of spirulina

Spirulina side effects

Mild response

There are characteristics such as dizziness, tiredness, shoulder stiffness, diarrhea (soft stools several times a day, no abdominal pain), fart fare (several times a day).

2. Severe response

There are headaches, swelling, dizziness, fever, eczema, joint pain, rising blood pressure, lack of gas, vomiting, loss of appetite and so on.

3. Different constitutions respond as follows

Acidic people: lethargy (during the day), dry throat, frequent urination, fart.

Side effects of spirulina? Is there a dizziness?

Blood is light: varies according to constitution, but has a slight nosebleed (mostly female)

Patients with liver failure: want to vomit, sometimes vomiting, skin itching or rash.

Kidney disease: There is a temporary decrease in protein, and there is edema on the face.

Poor stomach: The chest is stuffy and it is not easy to swallow food.

Stomach ulcers: bad parts can be painful.

Gastroptosis: The stomach always feels uncomfortable and wants to vomit.

Intestinal malformation: There are symptoms of diarrhea, but it varies according to the condition.

Hypertensive people: The state of dizziness lasts for one to two weeks.

Hepatic cirrhosis: Sometimes there is a case of blood in the stool.

Hemorrhoids: Sometimes there will be a case of bleeding


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