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Spirulina cultivation techniques
Breeding algae

Breeding high-quality and high-yield algae is an important part of the cultivation process. During the cultivation process, the algae species should be domesticated and rejuvenated to prevent their degradation and variation.

Preparation medium

Ethyl medium is widely used at home and abroad, mainly composed of NaHCO3, NaNO3, NaCl, K2SO4, KH2PO4, FeSO4·7H4O.

The composition of the salt. When designing the culture medium, the pH and nutritional status should be as close as possible to the condition of the algae culture medium, so that the inoculated algae can quickly enter the normal growth state. In the process of harvesting, the new culture liquid spirulina is continuously added according to the temperature, light intensity, Ph and morphological characteristics of the algae. The Ph of the medium is generally around 9.

Spirulina cultivation techniques

Graded expansion

Generally divided into algae cultivation, expansion culture, inoculation, large pool culture. The amount of inoculation is generally about OD of the algae liquid (ie, the optical density of the algae liquid, used to indicate the concentration of the algae) is about 0.1, and under suitable climatic conditions, after 4-5 days of cultivation, the brightness of the algae reaches 0.8- 1.0, you can harvest.

Algal pool management

Management in the process of large pool cultivation is an important guarantee for stable production and high yield. The main content of management is to measure the temperature, water temperature, pH, OD value, remove debris, and switch the mixer at regular intervals. Algae ponds and large ponds are generally required to be equipped with a stirrer. Stirring not only makes the nutrient distribution in the algae pool even, avoids the light damage and light starvation caused by the uneven light in the deep and shallow layer of algae in the pool, and can also eliminate excessive O2 and reduce the photosynthesis inhibition caused by oxygen saturation. . Note that the control pH is around 10 by adding NaHCO3, adding or replacing fresh culture solution, increasing the supply of CO2, and the like. Pay attention to the temperature control, the optimum culture temperature is 25-35 °C.


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