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Take care of oral diseases during the summer, carefully prevent these problems
Summer can be said to be the hottest time of the year. At this time, because the metabolism of the human body is very strong, the human body itself will also undergo certain changes, so in the summer, everyone is prone to oral diseases, which is a very high-risk one. It's a time, so what do you want to prevent in the summer, let's take a look.

Oral ulcer

When the summer is coming, there will be many people who have bad appetite due to high temperature, so they can choose acidic foods such as sour and spicy foods. In addition, the summer is long and the night is short. People usually sleep late or stay up late. Many young people like to eat barbecue and drink beer on the roadside. Eating habits are the most likely to cause mouth sores. This can easily lead to discomfort in our mouth and cause us to get sick. Happening.

Bad breath

Moreover, in the summer, we should also pay attention to the situation that bad breath is easy to occur in summer. As a disease, it has attracted more and more attention from dentists and people's attention. Thick greasy tongue coating, dental caries, periodontitis, food impaction, dirty dentures, smoking and bad oral hygiene can cause bad breath, which is easy to cause us to develop these diseases. At the same time, systemic diseases such as rhinitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, and diabetes are also associated with bad breath. Insufficient sleep, mental stress, and excessive fatigue can cause temporary physical bad breath. We should be cautious.


In addition to the situation described above, we should be careful about toothache and other related diseases in the summer. Because people like to eat cold drinks in the summer, strong cold stimulation can cause pain in more serious dental caries. A series of complications such as myelopathy, periapical periodontitis, and jaw inflammation. Children often eat high-sugar drinks and ice cream, which is one of the main causes of dental caries. Such diseases have a great impact on our oral health. We should pay attention to prevention.

In the summer, we are prone to oral problems. The diseases mentioned above are all easy to produce oral problems, which affect our health. Therefore, we should have an understanding of oral problems, pay attention to preventive work, and have health problems for everyone. Help, can prevent diseases very well, is a situation that everyone should pay attention to.


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