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The temperature difference in autumn is easy to catch a cold.
In the autumn, many people will have a cold. This situation is mainly caused by the large temperature difference. It is very easy to cause our health to be affected. This kind of problem is very common in autumn, so it is very common in autumn. We need to do preventive work, so how to prevent it in the fall, let's take a look.

Exercise more than 5 times a week

In the autumn, many people will have a cold problem. It is very important to learn to prevent it. First of all, we should exercise more in the fall, and this is the best choice for moderate-intensity exercise. First try Take a walk with your family for 20-30 minutes a day, or choose to exercise every other day; ride your child several times a week. In the autumn, the temperature drops. At this time, we exercise, and we must wait until the sun comes out before going out to practice. When you go out, you can wear a coat when you have a lower temperature. When you are ready to move your body, the clothes will be taken off. This will prevent our body from being attacked by diseases. If we have sweating problems after exercise, then It is necessary to dry it in time, pay attention to keep warm, everyone needs to pay attention.

Eat more yellow green fruits and vegetables

In the autumn, we must pay attention to the diet. In the summer, the fruits and vegetables that people eat are mainly melons and beans, but the content of carotene in melons and vegetables is low. So in the fall, the focus of the diet will change. We should eat more orange-yellow fruits and vegetables and green leafy vegetables. In the autumn, the vitamin A reserve in the human body is easy to reduce. If it is not replenished in time, it is prone to dry eyes and respiratory infections. Therefore, in autumn, everyone must eat more oranges and vegetables such as pumpkins, carrots, and tomatoes. In addition, because the vitamin C content of melon beans is also low, it is easy to catch a cold when changing seasons. Therefore, it is necessary to eat more green leafy vegetables to supplement vitamin C. Vitamin C is good for us to enhance immunity and prevent colds.

In the autumn, many people will have cold problems, so it is very important to learn how to prevent hair. The methods described above work well. Everyone learns the prevention work, which can be good for our health and can be enhanced. Body immunity is a good way to prevent colds in the fall.


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