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What are the ways to fight hypertension in summer?
Many people with high blood pressure are prone to sudden myocardial infarction in summer, and the chance of cerebral thrombosis will become higher. Therefore, in summer, patients with hypertension must pay attention to changes in blood pressure and adjust their daily life. Keep your mental state in good condition, whether it is diet, action and sleeping environment should be arranged well, let's look at some ways to fight high blood pressure in summer.

1, nutritional balance

In summer, the function of the digestive tract will become worse, the appetite will become less good, the body needs to consume a lot of water, the patient needs special attention, should maintain a light diet, and should also ensure that the food is nutritious, patients with hypertension It is very important to add sufficient water in summer to prevent blood viscosity from becoming high. In addition, patients with hypertension can eat more watermelon, apple, cucumber, tomato, sweet potato, etc. without blood sugar to stabilize blood pressure and lower blood pressure. High salt is an important factor in raising blood pressure. The daily salt intake of hypertensive patients should be controlled below 5 grams. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the intake of potassium, calcium-rich fresh vegetables, fruits and bean products, and control the diet. The fat and excessive cereal staple foods increase the intake of protein-rich and low-fat animal foods such as poultry and fish.

2, appropriate reduction of exercise intensity

In summer, the body needs to consume a lot more energy than other seasons, so the amount of exercise should be well adjusted. Should be based on some slow movements, but it is not always lying still, should be reasonable to arrange the exercise time and exercise intensity, morning activity time can be appropriate in advance. In the evening exercise time, you can choose to perform physical activities in the hot sun after the sun sets. Older patients should make their exercise feel comfortable, and middle-aged patients can let themselves experience a little sweat and have a small labor effect.

3, to avoid the stimulation of cold and heat

Hypertensive patients should pay attention to their living environment in the summer. The temperature in the room should be controlled at around 26 °C. Air circulation should also be maintained. The blood pressure of many hypertensive patients has always been good, but once in the summer, blood pressure becomes Very unstable, which is related to the incorrect use of air conditioning. Especially when I came home from the hot external environment, the temperature of the air conditioner was too low. When it was hot and cold, the blood vessels would suddenly change from the original diastolic state to the contracted state, which paved the way for the blood pressure to rise.

The above is to introduce you to the summer resistance to high blood pressure. After reading the above introduction, everyone should have a certain understanding, and want to maintain a stable blood pressure in the summer, then you should pay attention to develop good habits and eating habits. Don't let bad habits harm your health, so you may have other serious diseases, which will pose a serious threat to your life.


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