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What food should not be eaten in autumn?
When the fall is over, we must pay more attention to proper health and health care in our daily life. In addition, we need to pay more attention to proper dieting. In the fall, there are also many taboos. So, what shouldn't you eat in the fall? Let's take a look.

Ginger is often eaten in people's lives. Of course, the therapeutic value and medicinal effect of ginger are very good, but everyone should know that in the fall, we all try to eat less ginger. Ginger is hot and dry, easy to get angry after eating, adding to autumn dryness. In Chinese medicine, there is a saying that “they don’t eat ginger in August and September”, which is based on the valuable experience of the human body in different physical characteristics of the four seasons. In addition, onions, garlic, leeks and other spicy products should also avoid eating too much.

In addition, some friends prefer the hot pot in their lives, but everyone should pay attention to it. In the autumn, it is not suitable for everyone to cook hot pot. If you eat it regularly, it is very unfavorable for your own health. The symptoms of fire easily cause the fire in the body to accumulate, and symptoms such as constipation and acne on the face appear. In the autumn, you should eat more hot pots with green vegetables and mushrooms. Don't lick meat too much. It is not advisable to eat more dog meat in autumn. The dog meat is hot and easy to get angry. It is important to note that you should not drink tea at the same time. The tannic acid contained in the tea combines with the protein in the meat to form a substance called citrate protein, which has a strong astringent effect and easily leads to constipation.

What foods should not be eaten in autumn? I believe we all have a general understanding now. We can know that in the autumn, it is best not to eat ginger and hot pot, etc. If you eat these foods in the fall, then It is very unfavorable for the health of our human body.


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