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Winter brain diet eating these to protect the brain
Brain health is very important. Nowadays office workers are under a lot of stress. At this time, the situation of overuse of the brain is easy to occur, and the brain is easily subject to relatively large stress. Therefore, we must pay attention to methods to protect the brain. It ’s good to be healthy, so what foods to eat in the winter is good for brain health. Let ’s take a look.


Walnut is a very delicious food. As a kind of nut food, many people like to eat walnuts. Walnuts are known as "longevity fruit". Chinese medicine health care believes that walnuts have the health effects of nourishing and nourishing the kidney and brain Therefore, in our daily life, we should often eat some walnuts, which can help supplement nutrients, but also can supplement nutrients very well. If you eat walnuts regularly, you can enhance your brain power, improve brain circulation, and promote our brain health. How to eat the brain with walnuts: Walnut kernels and rock sugar can be mashed into walnut puree to eat. The taste is very good. Choose to hide the walnut puree in a porcelain jar. Take two spoons at a time. A layer of white liquid floated in the cup. This is walnut milk, which is delicious and delicious. However, it should be noted that Chinese medicine believes that walnuts are hot and fat, and they contain too much fat. Eating too much can make people angry and nauseous. Therefore, people who are getting angry and having diarrhea should not eat it.

Black sesame

There are many foods for brain-enhancing. Black sesame is one of the better foods for brain-enhancing, especially in winter. Black sesame is very healthy. And the specific method of using black sesame to strengthen the brain should also pay attention to how to eat, first smash the sesame, add a small amount of white sugar to drink water, or buy sesame paste, sesame biscuits and other products, eat each morning and evening, 7 days as a course of treatment, 5 After 6 courses of treatment, we can get better effects of nourishing the brain and strengthening the brain, and it can also help us to promote the health of the hair and play the role of UFA. In addition, for computer families, because they face the computer for a long time and use the brain excessively for a long time, it is easy to see the phenomenon of exfoliation. This is a problem that all office workers are worried about. Therefore, computer families need to pay attention to supplementing the brain and preventing hair loss. China may wish to pay more attention to eating more black sesame, which can achieve the purpose of invigorating the brain and preventing hair loss, so we should eat more black sesame in winter.

Promoting brain health through a reasonable diet in winter is very necessary for modern people. Walnuts and black sesame are very healthy foods. Choosing to eat in winter can not only supplement the brain and brain, but also Helps us to supplement nutrients, and at the same time effectively protects against cold and warm, the effect is very good.


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