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Winter taboos
It is very important to pay attention to dressing in winter. It is cold and dry in winter, so it is necessary to pay attention to reasonable dressing at this time. If we do the wrong dressing, then there is not only no way to be very good. It's cold protection, and it will also affect our health, so what are the taboos of clothing in winter, let's take a look.

Too much clothes

It's cold in winter, so many people like to wear a few extra clothes. I think this will help us better keep warm, but in fact, if the clothes are too thick and too thick in winter, due to the high heat, Dilates the blood vessels in the skin and increases blood flow to the skin, which increases heat dissipation. In this way, the body's ability to adapt to external temperature changes is reduced, so you should still wear appropriate clothes.

Wear boots every day

Many women wear long boots in winter. Such boots are indeed warmer and look better, but if we wear such boots for a long time, it will affect the blood circulation in the legs and the blood flow in peripheral veins, which is easy. Causes calf swelling, pain, and even causes calf deep phlebitis and other conditions. It can be found that this is actually a little more than worth it, so you can't wear boots every day in winter.

Wear only one hat all winter

Many people only wear a hat in the winter. Wearing a hat can help us keep warm from the cold, but at this time, some people wait until the winter to pass before cleaning. This is a very lazy way, and it is very bad for scalp health. The human scalp is rich in sebaceous glands, which secrete a large amount of oil. In addition to sweating and staining, the lining and brim of the hat will become greasy and a large number of bacteria will breed. Therefore, in winter, the hat should be cleaned frequently, and it is usually washed once a week.

The above introduces the situation that you need to pay attention to in winter. The winter is relatively cold, so at this time we must pay more attention to reasonable dressing methods, but at this time, there will be some errors in dressing. Therefore, we must be more careful to avoid these wrong practices in order to make us healthier.


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