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Our spirulina powder whole foods

Why Love Our Spirulina?

  • ※ Dairy-Free
  • ※ Iron
  • ※ 100% Vegan
  • ※ Calcium
  • ※ 60% Protein
  • ※ Chlorophyll
  • ※ Amino Acids
  • ※ Gluten Free
  • ※ GLA Fatty Acid
  • ※ Phycocyanin

  • Certifications
  • Benefits
  • Directions
  • California Grown

    Powdered and packed in Japan


    ISO Certified

    GMP Certified

    FDA GRAS affirmed


  • Anti-aging

    Antioxidant Protection

    Immune Defense

    Energy Booster

    Eye Health

    Brain Health

    Cardiovascular Health

    Improves Circulation


    Improved Endurance

    Tissue Repair

  • As Spirulina is not a form of medicine, there are no restrictions.

    Recommended daily consumption is a minimum of 3g a day, approximately 1 teaspoon of Spirulina Powder

    Can be taken in one seating or throughout the day


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