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Tara Midori Lifestyle is a start-up company by a group of young entrepreneurs, who are mad about Japan. We love their way of life and we aim to bring the most important and relevant parts of their lifestyles to the rest of the world:


Midori = Green

We have chosen The Green Way as TML’s philosophy.

At Tara Midori Lifestyle, we are dedicated to help each individual achieve The Green Way.

Ensuring that information and health foods to lead the green way of life is readily available to you and your family will be our top most priority. The TML team aims to make an incredible green impact on you and the environment.


What exactly is so inspiring about Japan?

Japan has one of the highest life expectancy in the world, and we know why!
Studies have shown that it is due to the nation’s healthy diet. Our team has done a fine bit of research and travels to all parts of Japan to find out their secrets.

But how are they able to achieve and maintain this balanced intake of nutrition in their daily lives? The TML team sourced and currently imports supplements that are widely consumed in Japan. These supplements are high in important vitamins minerals, essential amino acids and beneficial phytochemicals.

Are you constantly worried and having to think of what to eat in order to attain sufficient amount of nutrition and vitamins? These supplements will help give you the peace of mind. Take a look at our products here.  [Click Here]
If you step into a typical Japanese home, you may be in awe of how simple yet beautiful their home furnishing are. Japan faces frequent natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. This caused them to rethink valuable possessions at home. With further influence from Zen Buddhism, their desire for simplicity heightened.

When the TML team visited Japan together, we were amazed by how such simple decorations can reach out to us and still made us feel homey. Drawing from the beauty of such simplicity; we designed our packaging with this minimalistic concept in mind. Our team also firmly believes that less is more! Take a look at our packaging designs here!  [Click Here]
Have you been to Japan? They rarely have dustbins along the sidewalks and roads yet their streets are spotless! In fact, even if you see bins around, they are mostly recycling bins. They recycle almost everything! Even leftover food! They are one of the world’s most efficient recycling nations. 

The team of TML are also strongly aware of how much our environment has suffered following the ripple effects of our irresponsible actions. Each step we take in our venture, we stand to work towards cutting down our carbon footprint. We try as much as possible to source from responsible suppliers that use minimal packaging and recyclable packaging. Click here to understand the recycling icons on the packaging.

In line with our philosophy of “The Green Way’, come join us in our Green Movement and start recycling!  [Click Here]
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