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Why Tara Midori Lifestyle’s Spirulina?

Our import of the Earthrise DIC Spirulina is the first ever in Singapore. It has previously only been sold in Japan. Tara Midori Lifestyle selected this Japanese Spirulina as it is of the highest grade of natural Spirulina.   [Click Here]

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that existed on Earth for billions of years. Packed with protein, vitamins, amino acids and beta-carotene, it is said to be the world’s first superfood. Click here for more information about Spirulina. [Click Here]

What are the benefits of Spirulina?

There are tons of benefits! It ranges from improving your immune system to relieving oxidative stress due to its anti-oxidant properties, which means goodbye wrinkles and premature aging. Most importantly, eating Spirulina can help you achieve the hardest part of our everyday lives – having a balanced diet. Click here to find out about the long list of benefits that Spirulina has to offer. [Click Here]

Does the Spirulina sold by TML contain any animal components or by-products?

TML products are free of any animal components and/or by-products. It is 100% vegan. [Click Here]

Where does the Spirulina come from?

Our Spirulina is California grown. It is harvested there and transported to Japan for processing and packaging. Japan’s technology is way superior and this sets our Spirulina apart from other Spirulina brands. [Click Here]

How often should I eat Spirulina?

There is no limit to the frequency and amount of Spirulina you can consume. The recommended amount is at least 3g a day. But you are welcome to include Spirulina in all your meals.  [Click Here]

What are the origins of Tara Midori Lifestyle?

We are a Singapore-based company that was formed by a group of Japan lifestyle fanatics. Midori means Green in Japanese; hence ‘The Green Way’ is our slogan. ‘The Green Way’ is about eating Green and living Green. Everyday life in Japan is all about living the Green Way. 
Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world and we know why! It is because of the nation’s healthy diet. They have a balanced consumption of the required needs of the human body and our products the key to your everyday balanced diet. [Click Here]

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! We at Tara Midori Lifestyle are crazy about being green, going green and spreading all that are green. Our paper bags, boxes and glass bottles are recyclable. Please do your part and recycle them! [Click Here]

What payment methods are supported?

You can make payment via credit card through our shopping cart online. [Click Here]

How long will it take for me to receive my goods?

Depending on which country you are purchasing from, the time it takes to be delivered there is different. You can track your purchase using the tracking number to check the transit of your purchase. If you are in Singapore, the delivery will be within 2-3 days. [Click Here]

Can I schedule the delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not have scheduled delivery just yet. But we always want to provide you the best possible purchasing experience and will definitely look into it in the foreseeable future. [Click Here]

What if I am not home to receive the delivery?

If you are not there to receive the delivery, our instructions are to 'leave in a secure place out of the weather'. However, kindly understand that this is done at the postage worker's discretion - if they believe there is a safe place, they will leave it there. Otherwise, they will leave a card instructing you to pick it up from the post office. [Click Here]

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